Shipping & Delivery

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes! we ship worldwide for free. we have warehouses in:  California UK  Germany  Texas  Canada  Australia Spain Russia & South Africa. 

  • Can I return My Lapy Desk if I will not Like it?

    Yes.  You can absolutely return your lapy desk at anytime using the free one-year warranty included in the sale.  We will refund you the money and send it to a new lapy desk customer. 

  • What are the dimensions?

    Folded Dimension:20.6x10.4x2in
    Folding angle range:0~360deg

  • Is it a cheap material that will break after a few usage?

    Aluminum Alloy Material: Made of aluminum alloy, stable, strong and durable to use.  My Lapy Desk will not break easily.  If it does, we will be happy to receive it back from you by following the refund policy. :)

  • Hi guys - is #mylapDesk also advisable/recommandable for #iPad / #tablet ? thx for your support!

    Hi ,  Yes it is Suitable for iPad! Actually we have more purchases coming from iPad users. You can see the reviews above this section, some people mention they use it for iPad. 

  • What are the actual measurements in the maximum standing position? ( maximum height and width)

    The Maximum is 60CM ( Width ) and in terms of height - 70CM

  • Can the mouse stand be fitted to the left hand side?

    Yes!  We will upload pictures tommorrow of both adjustments! 

  • Does it come assembled or do I have to assemble it?

    It comes mostly assembled.  You can watch the essambly instructions here: Posture and How It Can Correct Back Pain00:44

  • What is the width between the legs? For example I have 44 " wide hips, will it fit me sitting?

    It can go up to 60CM

  • How wide can you spread the legs. Have large hips

    About 0.5M

  • How much weight does it hold?

    Up to 15KG

  • How do you send confirmation of order?

    It is usually placed automatically with the help of ZenDesk , if you haven't receiveda confirmation number, please send us an email with your order number after you verified it's not in your spam folder.

  • How do I return this product and receive a refund?

    Follow the refund policy

  • What is the weight of the item after assembly?