Why correct a bad posture?

Why correct a bad posture?

Good posture is really good for the body. When your posture is good, the chances of you dealing with back pain reduces greatly. Today though many people deal with bad posture and it really affects the body and causes great pain to the back. You might wonder why you need to correct it. Below are the reasons why should try as much as possible to correct your bad posture before it is too late. 

  1. If you don’t correct your bad posture, you would not only experience short term pains; you would also experience long term pains. 


Bad posture would cause pain not only in your back, but you would also experience pain in your neck and your hips when you sit too long. Bad posture causes stiffness, which leads to sores and would put pressure on your body, which can cause injury. These pain would not just come when you bend down or want to pick something from the ground. It gradually creeps on you and before you know it you’re experiencing pain all over your body. Trust me; the pain doesn’t get better. It gets worse. 

  1. If you don’t correct your posture on time, it might become very difficult for you to correct it eventually.

Posture is all about alignment. When bones are aligned, the muscles around them becomes activated. When your bones are out of alignment, your muscles weaken because they’re not in use. For example, when your posture is bad, you’re out of alignment, and your muscles become weak because they’re not in use. So unless you put in efforts to strengthen these muscles, these muscles would be out of practice and it will become increasingly difficult for you to correct your posture.

  1. Your posture would become permanent, in other words, irreversible.


You didn’t read that wrong, and No, it’s not a joke. Studies have shown that when you have a particular posture for years, and you don’t change from that posture, your spine would get used to that posture, and it would become difficult to change. Scary right? 


These are just a few reasons why you should correct your bad posture. It is very important you learn good posture and positioning so that you can strengthen your muscles and that it doesn’t have a permanent deformity. Remember that you can prevent it from getting this far. So, make it a goal to correct your posture today and be free from the pain and damages of a bad posture. You might think it's not important, but when the damages start showing, you would know it is very important.

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