Top posture mistakes to avoid

Top posture mistakes to avoid

Every day we walk, use our devices, sleep, stand, and sit in positions that we shouldn’t be in. This bad postures would likely cause us pain in our body now, and in the future, as we grow up, we tend to feel this pain more because of the excessive amount of stress and strain we put ourselves into by taking bad postures. These postures are caused by regular mistakes that we make every day while standing, sitting on a bus, using our phone, sleep and a lot more. some of us today have already been aware of those mistakes we make and need to make some corrections. Some of the mistakes made would be listed below 

  • Hunched sitting: today, an average person spends up to 37 hours in a month using phone and computers. Most of us, however, sit with our heads bent or our heads forward to the making our bodies hunched. This sitting posture while using our phone or computer affects and brings pain on our neck, increasing the amount of weight placed on our neck muscles. It also causes headaches and cervical pain and overall fatigue on our neck muscles. 
  • Sleeping posture: most time we wake up having pains around our neck and back it is caused by bad sleeping posture. Sometimes we pop our head up with a pillow to watch a movie while laying down, and we sometimes end up sleeping off in that position, and sleeping posture has a bad effect on our neck, back and spine it can result in chronic neck and back pain. 
  • Standing : most times we all assume that we are doing this well since the moment we started standing on our feet, but we sometimes bend to the side or back when standing which is not good for our body posture a person should stand straight with your shoulders, knees, hips, and ankles linked in a straight line.
  • Talking and testing on the phone: most of us tilt our heads to the side when calling and to the front when texting. We sometimes slouch on the seat while texting, and this has very bad to effect on our body posture. 
  • Slouching when driving or flying: studies have shown that the vibration from these vehicles sedated our muscle slouching gives our muscles more work to support the body. 
  • Wearing overweighed backpacks: heavy backpacks can affect and kill our good posture and cause pain on our shoulders, spine, back, and neck.
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