Negative Effects of Bad Posture

Negative Effects of Bad Posture

Although it is common knowledge that poor body posture is bad for health, there are still so many people in the world with bad posture. This is because while the majority know that good posture comes with benefits, they are unaware that bad posture also has negative effects on a person’s health. 

When your friends, parents or teachers ask you to sit properly or stand erect, it is to protect you from the negative effects of bad posture. Here are some of the negative effects of bad posture.

  1. Causes Soreness 

The body is not designed to accommodate slouching. Each bone, joint, and tissue are designed to take on a particular position, and when you slouch, you strain your muscles. One of the effects of bad posture is soreness. While the pain can start off temporarily, excessive slouching can result in long term health problems such as chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, and so on. To avoid soreness and ache, adopt a good posture. 

  1. Restricts Circulation

Bad posture hinders blood circulation. For example, women are often taught to sit, placing one leg on top the other (crossing your legs). Crossing legs is bad posture because it boosts the pressure of gas and fluid which move through the body. It can also limit blood flow in the legs. Crossing legs can result in spider veins and backache. 


  1. Negative Perception

When a person slouches, it causes other people to have a negative perception of them. For example; when you go for a job interview, and unlike other candidates you slouch, it could be interpreted to mean you have low self-esteem or that you are not confident in your skill. Bad posture can be interpreted to mean that a person is sad, shy, anxious, or unserious. Good posture is always attractive.

  1. Hinders Digestion

Bad posture can hinder proper food digestion. When you bend over or slouch, your internal organs get squeezed together. Slouch or bending over while you eat can make it difficult for your body to digest the food. A minor effect of this is constipation or indigestion. A major effect can affect your body’s metabolism long term. 

Other consequences of bad posture include fatigue, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and loss of motivation. Adopting a good posture will help you avoid all of these consequences mentioned above. For more on the benefits of good posture, visit today!

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