Posture and How It Can Correct Back Pain

Posture and How It Can Correct Back Pain

Back pain is something that we all battle with at different points in time. Everyone both young and old experiences some form of back pain and this can be very frustrating. Back pain is something that can greatly affect the quality of our daily lives and even our work and family. However, there is hope.

Posture has a very large impact on the body and on the back in particular. Back pain is mainly caused by years of practicing bad posture, and it will make you glad to know that with diligently practicing the correct postures, you can significantly reduce and even totally end your back pain for good.


As we know, certain postures promote having a strong spine and healthy back, however, because of habit, we find that many times, we are not practicing the correct postures which are beneficial to our bodies. Here are certain 3 main habits which lead to back pain and some postures which can rectify these problems.


This has to be the most common bad habit that affects our bodies. Everyone has been known to slouch at some point or the other probably due to fatigue or frustration. This bad habit actually places a lot of pressure on the back and on the spine and would lead to chronic back pain if not rectified.

The solution to this is simple. Learn how to stand, sit and walk with an erect posture. An erect and correct posture helps to keep pressure off the spine and the lower back thereby reducing back pain.

Repetitive Bending

Much like slouching, this is another terrible habit. Many times, we find ourselves bending forward to check our phones, read books or even change the TV channel using the remote. This act of constantly bending forward, just like slouching, increases the pressure that is exerted on the joints and muscles and this definitely leads to back pain.

This can be rectified by simply reducing the frequency with which you bend forward. For instance when reading a book or checking your phone, instead of bending forward, simply raise the phone or the book to your eye level. By doing this, you are able to maintain your correct posture.


Whether you know this or not, avoiding exercise is a very bad habit which is very detrimental to the body. Exercise helps to strengthen the bones, increase flexibility in the body and tone weak muscle just to name a few. The effects of exercise on the body is in fact not just seen in the physical body but also psychologically. Exercise has been known to help improve moods and even mental health. Avoiding exercise simply allows your body to remain weak and this would lead to pain in different parts of the body including the back. This is because of the lack of flexibility and eventual stiffness of the joints.

The solution to this is as easy as it sounds. Just exercise. It may hurt at first, especially if you have avoided it for a long time, but eventually, your body would thank you for it. Regular exercise not only keeps you fit but also helps you to maintain your posture and relieve pressure on the spine, joints and even muscles. If you cannot immediately begin exercising due to pain, light stretches would do for a start.


When experiencing back pain, you may want to simply check your posture before you start running around looking for pain medications. Pain relieve especially when it has to do with the joints and bones can be as simple as practicing proper postures.

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