Good exercises that can help in posture correction

Good exercises that can help in posture correction

People today suffer from bad posture because of the things that they engage it at work and at home, this bad posture can have bad effects on our spine neck and other parts of the body. Bad posture can also affect the way we walk and do things. Bad posture can be corrected and prevented by engaging in some simple and efficient exercises these exercises are one of the best ways to correct our posture and maintain it. The exercises are a useful way of working on our spine our back and our neck to correct our posture. 

Exercises that help in posture correction are:

  • Child pose: this pose helps in strengthening and lengthening the spine. And it helps reduce tension in our back and neck. This pose is a good exercise that should be done when correcting posture. To do this pose, u would sit on your shinbones make your heels spread and show at your sides then you lean forward with your hands out in front of you make sure you keep your arms extended and place your head gently on the floor with the side then breathe deeply do that for about five minutes. 
  • Forward fold: this stretch reduces and releases tension in the spine and hamstring. You would feel your back lengthening and opening up as you do this. To do this, you would stand with your toes apart but your heels remain in contact when you place your hand on your hips and do a forward fold from your hips upward you can stay like this for about 1minute make sure you soften your hips joints to allow spine lengthening. 
  • Cat cow: cat cow promotes blood circulation and stretches and massages your spine; it also helps to reduce and relieve tension in your back, neck, and through your shoulders. To do this, you have to go down to the floor on your hands and knees apart making your weight balanced at four points. Then you inhale and look up at the same time. And you exhale and arch your spine towards the ceiling at the same time this movement is to be done for about one minute 
  • Chest opener: this exercise is mostly meant for those who spend most of the day sitting this exercise helps them stand straighter. To do this you need to stand straight with your legs apart and your hands intertwined at your back then you inhale deeply and upwards you do this for about 10 breaths 

You can also create a 30 days routine exercise for posture correction

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