Effects Of Bad Posture To the Back and the Body

Effects Of Bad Posture To the Back and the Body


Bad posture causes serious problems for the who body most especially the back. You might not know it, but the effect it has on your body is really damaging. They might be surprising to you though cause you probably thought it wasn’t serious. Well, it is serious. There is a lot of health implication of bad posture, but here are just a few ways bad posture is damaging your back. 

  1. It affects your spine

In a normal body, an upright alone doesn’t have to be straight. In the human body, there are three spinal curves. One is located at the neck, one is located at the upper-to-middle back, and the last one is located at the lower back. Bad posture changes the shape of these curves. These changes a lot of problems for the body.


  1. Back pains

Since the spine is located at the back, it is expected that the back would also be affected by bad posture. This pain is usually felt in the lower back. Everyone probably has experienced this pain before probably from slouching in front of the computer or not sitting properly. Over time, it can lead to bad posture and cause the spine to lose its function and shape. 


  1. Leads to indigestion

When you slouch, you compress your abdominal organs. When your abdominal organs are compressed, digestion becomes difficult because metabolism is slow, and it weakens the ability for your body to quickly process food. When your posture is corrected, it becomes easier for you to process body. The process is faster. 


  1. It affects your cardiovascular health

When your posture is bad, not only are your abdominal organs compressed, your stomach, heart, and lungs are also squeezed. This makes blood circulation very difficult, and when blood circulation is difficult, the heart cannot carry out its functions properly. A study shows that the posture people adopt when using their smartphones reduces respiratory functions. It also reduces the rate at which oxygen gets to your lungs. When circulation is slow, blood does not get to the organs; it is supposed to get to cause a lot of problems. For example, I’m your legs; less circulation increases pressure on veins. Veins have thin walls, and so it would cause discomfort, pain, and restlessness. 


  1. It shrinks your body 

Bad posture puts pressure in areas that do not need pressures. It then stresses what holds them together. This strain causes body parts to compress and erode. For example, when your spinal cord erodes, it makes you look shorter.


Bad posture is really detrimental to health. It is serious. It has serious consequences. Correct your posture today, and be glad you did. 

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