Benefits of Good Posture

Benefits of Good Posture

You’ve probably been told by your parents and teachers at some point to stand correctly, raise your head, or straighten your back. While these might get tiring to hear or seem irrelevant, they improve your posture. Good posture is very important for your overall health. Taking on a good posture when sitting, standing, and walking come with a number of benefits. Good posture does not only make you look smarter and sharper. It also helps improve your health. Some other benefits of good posture include:


  1. Improves breathing

Good posture helps improve your breathing. This is because when you slouch your back, the muscles in front of your body shortens, thereby limiting how efficiently you breathe in. Straightening your back when you breathe in can help you inhale the proper amount of oxygen your body requires. 


  1. Relieves backache


Good posture can help you reduce backache. Slouching puts unwarranted stress on your muscles, and this can result in pain, mostly in the back. Keeping your back straight allows all your muscles work as they are designed to. All your tissues such as the joints, bones, and ligaments work together correctly to lessen the strain on your back. 

  1. Improves self-confidence


Slouching is often a characteristic of shyness, sadness, anxiety, or low self-esteem. When you sit or stand straight and tall, you exude an air of confidence. Looking confident will make people respect you and pay you the required attention. 


  1. Improves mood

Keeping a good posture helps improve your mood. Most times when a person is unhappy, disappointed or scared his/her shoulder becomes slouched with his/her neck bent, and when a person is happy, his/her body is kept upright and firm. To improve your mood, whenever you feel down straighten your back, square your shoulders and lift your face. This can boost your confidence and make you feel much better. 

  1. Improves digestion

Good posture helps improve your digestion. When you sit or stand up straight, your organs are well aligned. When your organs are well aligned, your food can digest easily. Slouching limits your digestive system from function properly. This can result in GERD, constipation, and so on. 


Good posture also improves your level of concentration and keeps you looking younger and stronger as you age. Start paying attention to your posture today to enjoy all of these benefits. For more on the benefits of good posture, visit today! 

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